How do I Submit a Video?

We’d love for you to submit something during the open call in December. You’d do this by emailing a link to the mp4 or other file along with a description of the recording.
Most of the submissions in our first year were actual play recordings of tabletop roleplaying. This year, we’re trying to encourage a broader range of submissions. We’re looking for video game actual play with recorded chat, machinima, stand-up comedy duos, poetry slams, and a variety of other awesome, weird things.
Any video
If you are a professional storyteller of some kind, you may be able to submit early. I hope to release at least one video per day made by some sort of professional author or game designer. Email to find out more.
If you are a particularly extroverted storyteller, consider scheduling a storytelling event during the Festival. These events will be public Google Hangouts where people can submit live comments while you record. Again, email Josh if you’re interested. He’d be happy to help you coordinate this  and to put you on our event schedule.

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